Adding Colour to Your Wardrobe

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When people come to me and ask which colours they need to add to their wardrobe, the answer can go in one of two directions. Whilst it is an excellent idea to add colour to your wardrobe, it is only a good idea if you add the right colour and also, if you actually want to add colour to your wardrobe. The appearance and flattery of colour varies from person to person, some colours can look stunning on one person but unflattering on the next which is why a professional colour analysis is recommended in order to put you in the right direction. Read more


Do You Dress Like a ‘Jack in a Box’?


When you are a source of entertainment for young children, it is perfectly fine that the first thing people see from you is your narrow upper body and huge, over inflated trousers. There is nothing wrong in being “pear shaped” where you carry more weight on your bottom half and have a much slimmer, narrower upper body, but there is a problem in dressing your lower body to look three times wider than it actually is – the “jack in the box” syndrome. Read more


Virtual Wardrobe Stylist

Copy of Body Shape and Style Analysis

As well as the super cool outfits and numerous designer labels featured in the film, one of the main things we envied so much about Cher from Clueless was her clever and convenient outfit matching software that put together the most perfect on-trend outfits for her each morning. Ok, so admittedly there is no computer software that could do that for you but there is a live tool that can do the same but with a professional fashion stylist at the other end, picking out your outfits for you! Read more


How to Look Tanned Instead of Red this Summer

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Summer is fast approaching and so is the risk of looking like a lobster! If you tend to burn in the sun then you will understand how frustrating it can be! If this sounds like you then you need to reevaluate the colours you wear so as to look more tanned than burnt! Read more


What Brush Should You Really Use to Apply Your Lipstick?!


This week’s #5MinuteFashionTip is “making you lipstick appear matte and more subtle.” If your lip brush (that small thin one) is making your lipstick appear too bold and perhaps unsuitable for regular daily wear then put that one back and pick up a different brush from your make-up bag. A bigger brush such as a concealer brush or even a soft eye shadow brush will be so much better! Read more


Take your Look from Day to Night in 10 Minutes or Less


Ok, so you have work and then straight afterwards you are going out for drinks with friends and need to look cool and stylish. So how can you take your “daily jeans and t-shirt”look or your office look from day to night in an instant when you don’t have time to go home first? Well here are some easy ways in which you can transform your look from day to night in 10 minutes or less. Read more


Issue 1 of the New LMK Style Magazine is Out Now


Saturday 30th April marked the launch of the BRAND NEW LMK Style magazine! I am thrilled to say that the launch has been a success and people love this first issue – which of course, I am thrilled about!1

The theme for this month’s magazine is style around the world. Therefore this month’s issue features blog posts from fashion lovers from different countries in the world, giving us an insight into fashion and beauty styles most popular in their own countries.


There is also a wardrobe organisation cheat sheet, a FREE class on wearing jewellery to balance your body and facial features, as well as an AMAZING discount on an online colour analysis consultation at LMK Style – usual price £50 but in this issue of LMK Style magazine you can treat yourself to a colour analysis consultation for just £20! Hurry though, as this offer is only valid until May 14th 2016.

You can get your hands on an issue of the e-magazine here. The magazine is a monthly magazine, i.e. there will be one issue per month and each issue will cost just £2.




LMK Style



LMK Style in Business Rocks Magazine


This week I am featured in the e-magazine Business Rocks! I love business and I love any group, business and publication aimed towards women in business so this seemed like an excellent place to be featured!
If you read my LMK Style blog or my personal blog, you will know how I think that having your own style and mastering your own “personal branding” is incredibly important in business, which is why I encourage other business ladies to think about this. Read more

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