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VIP & Special Event Styling Packages (2) VIP & Special Event Styling Packages

VIP & Special Event Styling Packages (1)

What does an image consultant do? At LMK Style you can hire professional online personal styling services that you can enjoy on the go on your Smartphone or in the comfort of your own home!

LMK Style offers: 


I’m Luisa, a personal stylist, fashion expert and owner of LMK Style. I help people just like you to create a style that is unique to them and easily manageable too!

Personal style consultations

Colour analysis consultations, 

Body shape & style analysis consultations,

A VIP Deluxe Styling Package, 

NEW: STYLISH IN CONFETTI: The Ultimate Wedding Styling Package

and Online fashion classes

Now you can have the help of a professional personal stylist, whenever you need and wherever you are!

Are you struggling with… 

Dressing to suit your shape?

Shopping for clothes and are sick of wasting money on items you never wear?

Dressing fashionably for business?

Creating a style that is unique and comfortable for you?

Understanding which colours suit you?

Dressing to make you look slimmer?

Dressing to make you look curvier?

Dressing on a budget?

Finding a style that suits you and that is easy for you to maintain? 

Do you just want to be able to look and feel amazing every day?!

Do you wish you had more time to put more effort into your style and picking out your daily outfits?

Are you scared of leaving your comfort zone, looking stupid, wasting money on styles that do not suit you, or dressing in a way that does not suit you?

You need the help of a personal stylist and LMK Style offers  just the personal styling help you need!




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